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Policy Analyst

We are looking for early career analysts with undergraduate qualifications in economics, maths, statistics, data science or other similar field for roles in our Note issue Department. Prior experience in banknotes or currency is not required. Experience with regression analysis, econometrics (particularly microeconomic methods) and forecasting models is highly desired.

The roles are within the Currency Policy and Counterfeit Analysis teams. The Currency Policy team manages the RBA’s circulation and distribution policies, and ensures that they are effective and efficient. The Counterfeit Analysis team monitors and researches counterfeiting to ensure that the RBA’s counterfeit deterrence policies are effective and to ensure that counterfeiters are apprehended and prosecuted.

In the Currency Policy role you will:

  • Forecast public demand for banknotes, and develop new forecasting methodologies.
  • Monitor circulating banknote quality and provide advice on policies that impact circulating banknote quality.
  • Provide advice on how changes to banknote distribution arrangements will impact the efficiency of banknote distribution and the quality of banknotes in circulation.
  • Improve the RBA’s management of data relating to banknote quality and circulation.
  • Write articles for conferences or publication in the RBA’s quarterly Bulletin (e.g. ‘The Growing Demand for Cash’) or as a Research Discussion Paper (e.g. ‘The Life of Australian Banknotes’).

In the Counterfeit Analysis role you will:

  • Report on local and international counterfeiting to RBA management, and prepare intelligence reports for law enforcement agencies.
  • Prepare data releases for Australian and international law enforcement agencies, other central banks and the public.
  • Undertake research projects on banknote counterfeiting.
  • Improve the RBA’s management of data relating to banknote counterfeiting, and improve the section’s data management and reporting techniques using automation.
  • Write articles for conferences or publication in the RBA’s quarterly Bulletin (e.g. ‘Recent Trends in Banknote Counterfeiting’) or as a Research Discussion Paper (e.g. ‘The Social Costs of Currency Counterfeiting’).

The successful applicant will:

  • Have a relevant tertiary qualification (honours preferred).
  • Be able to demonstrate prior experience producing applied quantitative research.
  • Be comfortable using and manipulating data, and be able to use a range of statistical packages such as Mathematica, Stata, eViews and R. Proficiency in coding languages is also an advantage.
  • Have strong critical thinking and problem solving skills, and be able to think creatively about potential solutions.
  • Be able to communicate effectively and professionally both in writing and orally.

Currency Policy NI - L3 4 - Senior Analyst - 5724.pdf

Counterfeit Analysis NI - L3 4 - Senior Analyst - 6321.pdf

The Reserve Bank of Australia pursues national economic policy objectives and undertakes a range of associated activities in financial markets and banking. It also issues Australia's banknotes and operates infrastructure critical to the payments system. Those who are involved in the activities of the Bank have an important role to play in achieving these objectives, whether directly or in a supporting role.

Our core values are promotion of the public interest, integrity, excellence, intelligent inquiry and respect.

The Reserve Bank of Australia is an equal opportunity employer.  We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace and encourage applications from experienced candidates seeking workplace flexibility.

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