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2019/20 Economics and Finance Graduates

The 2020 Graduate Development Program in Economics and Finance at the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is a structured two year rotational program that provides comprehensive training and development designed to progress your career.

Our program is well recognised in industry as an outstanding professional opportunity for economists and financial analysts. It features:

  • coaching from industry experts
  • support for the development of essential industry skills
  • varied experience to expand the breadth of your professional experience  
  • work on high quality policy-relevant analytical projects
  • experience in a policymaking institution that affects all Australians

Graduates are encouraged to demonstrate the application of knowledge acquired at university to challenging applied economics and finance questions with real world impact. Our Graduates are active as part of the RBA’s research community and make significant contributions to the RBA’s understanding of issues impacting Australia.

Applicants for these roles must hold or be completing a degree demonstrating strong academic achievement and research exposure. This must include a significant concentration in economics, finance or a closely related area and demonstrate research experience by completing Honours and higher degrees, including double degrees, masters and PhDs.  Australian permanent residency or citizenship, or New Zealand citizenship, is essential.

The Reserve Bank of Australia pursues national economic policy objectives and undertakes a range of associated activities in financial markets and banking. It also issues Australia's banknotes and operates infrastructure critical to the payments system. 

The Reserve Bank of Australia is an equal opportunity employer.  We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace and encourage applications from experienced candidates seeking workplace flexibility.

Applications close AUS Eastern Daylight Time